1 months old baby

Question: My baby is 23days old . She have rashes on her bumby . We uses diaper and diaper cream .what will do for rashes ?

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Answer: U can apply coconut oil and give her diaper free time u can also use dry sheets to give her diaper free time and always keep her clean and dry before putting new diaper
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    Ramitha Rajan1011 days ago

    Thank u

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Question: What we will do for diaper rashes?
Answer: As per my experience... U can apply mustard oil every time u change diaper... Also u can apply coconut oil or diaper rash cream
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Question: My baby is 45 days old...she has diaper rashes on her bump..its not reducing even after using diaper rash cream. I use dis cream for every diaper change...but still rashes doesn't go..pls help..m worried...
Answer: Use clothes... Do not use diapers for a week... U can notice the change
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Question: Hello my baby is 3 months old. She had rashes on her bump and her skin is dry and i use diaper only at night because of cold. What should i do for rashes
Answer: You can use rash nil cream. It will reduce rashes immediately
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