5 months old baby

Question: My baby is 3month 23days old, she had fever and her urine was yellow, at nights she is not passing urine . Is that ok

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Answer: It is normal... My doctor gave to my daughter baby crosin...and yellow urine symbol is she is refusing fever...
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Question: My baby 2mnths 23days baby yesterday vaccination she got fever 102 what is that ok
Answer: Hi What was the vaccination A few vaccination may cause fever But there is nothing to bother about It is just your babys body's reaction to a new element in his body The fever usually last for 1-2 days and comes down as soon as you give normal dose of calpol In the mean time Dress your baby in light clothes and keep the fan on low setting to keep the air around Baby circulating Wipe him with a clean cotton cloth to bring down temperature and reduce discomfort
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Question: My baby is now 6 years old still she nights passing urine in bed how can we control that problem
Answer: Hello dear.. These steps will helps you incontrolling bed wetting in night,.. Make a habit of using restroom before bed is essential, so that they won't pee in midnight Limit the intake of fluids ,after six in eve,it will help Set an alarm for couple of hours,and make him wake-up to use rest room, continuous practice will helps to identify natural call without help
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Question: My baby is passing urine 2 to 3times a day and she is not passing urine at night is there any problem?am worried about her befire 1mnth she was syffered with urine infctn...
Answer: Please feed the baby at regular intervals in the night so that her body won't be dehydrated. Dehydration leads to urinary infection.
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