3 months old baby

Question: My baby is 76days old she crying while peel what to do and not sleep

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Answer: Hi dear, Baby crying while passing urine could be due to: 1- too much concentrated urine,happens due to dehydration 2- rashes around the area,as baby's skin is too sensitive for acidic urine 3- urinary tract infections So you need to analyze the reason behind it.observe any rashes in that area,if yes,then start using B4 nappy cream there. Make your baby drink plenty water.also check with doctor if,baby is crying too much while passing urin,it could be infection and it might need antibiotics to cure.
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Question: My baby does not sleep and keeps crying when she wakes up.. What to do ?
Answer: Hi! The entire world is new to your baby as he is only a month old, it is natural for him to be fussy as he doesnt find himself secure anymore outside the womb. Please have patience and soothe the baby, feed him well to keep him full to have a good sleep. Swaddlw him in your arns so that he feels cozy and secure. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi my baby 76days old she is coughing and sneezing what to do?
Answer: Hello dear. Pls take your little one to a pediatrician your baby is too young to be self medicated. You can try external remedies, roast ajwain and tie it in a muslin cloth, place near baby. Try baby rub (not vicks), use a humidifier in the room, can even cut onions and place in the room. Take care.
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Question: My 3month old baby crying while giving breast milk. And she not sleep well.
Answer: Might the milk is not coming or his hunger needs is not fulfilled completely.
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