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Question: My baby is 12days old.she always feels discomfort during pooping and peeing.what may be the reason?is it serious ?

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Answer: Hi dear, It is very common to feel that way by your baby at infancy. Everything is still developing and baby is getting used to the whole body system. It will be there for few more months.do not panic. Baby would get used to eat. Keep breastfeeding.
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Question: Feeling breathing is not normal feels uncomfort what may be the reason
Answer: Hi dear, I also faced the same issue and I know it is really hard. In the first trimester, increased levels of progesterone may make breathing a bit difficult at times as your body adjusts to new hormonal levels.few tips to ease it. Try to keep an upright posture. This will help you to cope with back ache too, so it's worth making the effort. To give your lungs a bit more space, you could try standing upright and holding your hands above your head while taking deep breaths. Light exercise, such as walking or swimming may make you feel a bit puffed out when you're doing it, but can help you to feel less breathless overall. Gentle exercise means still being able to hold a conversation while exerting yourself.
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Question: Abdomen tightness and feels bit hard.what may be the reason,
Answer: Hello dear happy that you are waiting for your due date and this is norma for some women during last trimeter. Make sure you urinate and stool regularly becaue when you dont flush out properly it may cuse bit harderd. The other reson would be gastric because when your tummy is fuilled with gs you may feel hard so maks sure you drink more water and also take garlic curry or garlic milk. You must walk atleast 3 hours a day walking is the best remedy when you walk long you wil feel muuch better. Take more vegtables athat are easily digestible.
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Question: Hi my baby 7 mnths old.she head always hot remains body is in normal.whats is reason is it any serious?
Answer: No problem. Heat are fully formed in the head only and daily morning you must apply a drop of coconut oil on her head.
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