4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4 mnths old...n he drinks milk (breast feed) evry one hour ..is tat normal or is he not getting enough milk.?

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Answer: Hello ma.. You have a boy baby.. so he will need more amount of milk.. boy baby is always need more food.. so you can feed every one hours . And at the same time your baby weight also to be gain.. You can drink more hot water and eat healthy foods.. Sometimes you didn't eat a healthy food means.. your milk is like a watery level .. so he will pass out the urine at the time..and so he is hungry... you can eat keerai, vegetables fresh fruits and juices..nuts, fish etc.. Then only your milk has been like a thickness.. . Do it immediately ma.. I hope its helpful for you. Please click the thumbs up 👍symbol Thank you..😍
Answer: Hi dear, you should feed every 2 hrly. While feeding ur baby, make sure that he is not sleeping. If so, just stroke over his sole of foot. Give breast milk for at least 15_20 mints each time. Try to feed from one breast at a time
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    Sai Baba Baba759 days ago

    Thank u anjumal ....

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Question: Can i feed my baby both on breast milk n formula milk as i am not getting enough breast milk
Answer: Try to give more breastmilk dear keep breastfeeding your baby. The more you feed your body your body will produce more milk. Eat spinach curd milk carrots fish dry fruits oats, popy seads, garlic which helps in increasing breastmilk. Drink lots of water which helps in producing breastmilk dear. Keep breastfeeding your baby .
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Question: How I should know tat my baby is getting enough breast milk??? N my baby once he starts to drinks milk he will take 40 mins to get stomach full is this indicates low milk supply?
Answer: Hello dear. Baby at this age usually take 30 to 40 minutes in taking feed and this is absolutely normal. They are small abd it takes time for them to suck. Gradually as they grow the timing may reduce. And if your baby is healthy and do not cry after taking feed and there is a gap of atleast 3 to 4 hours between feeds then ur baby is having sufficeint milk. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby always sleeps while feeding ,is tat he drinks enough milk?
Answer: Hi.. For the first few months, a baby may sleep 14 to 18 hours a day and sometimes even more. Hence, a baby falls asleep while nursing because it just happens to be your baby's  time to sleep. Your baby may be tired, and breast feeding  will not only feed your baby  but also calm them down and put them off to sleep.
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