14 months old baby

Question: my baby is 13mnths old how much she need

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Answer: Hello dear please post your question completely and clearly
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    Mohsin Fatima1173 days ago

    How much sleep my baby need after she is 13mnths old

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    Swapna Kulkarni1173 days ago

    By 13-18 months of age, children are recommended to have an average of 11.25 hours of uninterrupted nighttime sleep and up to 2.5 hours of daytime sleep. Babies at the younger end of this age group usually take two naps, but will transition to one afternoon nap by 18 months old. Hope this helps

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Answer: Hi dear, After baby is 6 months,you can offer few sips of water in between meals.since you are also breastfeeding or formula feeding,you might not require to offer too much water.you can offer few sips throughout the day , especially in between meals .offering water now would.hwlp in constipation.as babies when offered solids would tend to suffer from constipation.
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Question: My baby is 13mnths old from 20days she not eating anything .What should I do
Answer: While giving food try to put toys around the baby which means colourfull toys. Even try to make food colourfull which means decorate the food with fruit dry fruits make the food attractive. Talk with the child while feeding. Tell some stories.
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Answer: Feed whenever the baby needs. There is no quantity as such
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