5 months old baby

Question: My baby is 5months old.. her hair growth is very wierd. In crown area very slow growth but back hair r growing fast. Is it fine to do mundan at this tender age?

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Answer: Apply a badam shirin almond oil are Vitamin e oil for babys head and even you can massage to all over body it is give very good result
Answer: Dont go for mundan before 11 months, your baby's skull is too soft and it is under development now. You can do it in 11 month.
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Question: 5th month pregnant my hair growth is become very slow and body hair also stoped growing is it normal or any serious condition
Answer: Hi dear I would suggest You strongly to see your doctor to detect if there is any deficiency or not because it has to be other way round during this time because your having your period medicines which keeps your skin and your hair to the best of its version at this moment during pregnancy after pregnancy it is very normal to have no dark spots here and there on your face or you might lose your hair etc. but at this time it is not a very normal so please you talk to your doctor .. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is 2 months 10 days old by birth she is having less hair ..shaved her hairs still her growth is poor very less hair is growing on her scalp . Any suggestion or hair oil for hair growth
Answer: Hello dear... You can use homemade herbal oil,it will boost hair growth and protect against cold,To make herbal hair ,heat coconut oil with fenugreek,pepper,small onion, curry leaves,hibiscus,saute well,allow it to boil for twenty minutes,until it raw smell goes,use this oil for hair regularly for better results ‌
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Question: Hello, my baby girl is 21 months old. We did her mundan last year in Mar. Her hair growth is very slow. After 7-8 months, she got her full head of hair back which are very thin and low volume even though I was applying hair oil and massaging her scalp every day.. Now we want to shave her hair again, thinking that it wil increase her hair growth and volume of hair.. Please advice.
Answer: Hello! Hair growth is completely genetic and shaving the head will not encourage growth. Hence, it is your personal choice, but shaving the head will not give your baby hair thickness or volume. Take care
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