3 years old baby

Question: My baby is 19month old .he drinks milk in bottle only.i want to remove the bottle feeding habit and start taking sipper. Please suggest what shoud i do.

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Answer: For the first few days, fill half of it with water and half of it with milk. Then slowly add more water until the entire bottle is water. By that time, it's likely that your child will lose interest and be asking for the yummy milk that comes in a cup! Get rid of the bottles or put them out of sight. I have seen this work with my neice . Hope it works for you too.
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    Nidhi ...1042 days ago

    Thanks for your answer.i will try the same.but i want to ask one more thing that by mixing milk and water in baby bottle health is safe

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Question: My baby is 1 year 2 months old and doesn't want to have top milk , he just wants my milk , what do I do?? I'm trying to give him in a bottle in a sipper but still refuses.
Answer: Hi...Hi. You can try feeding him with a cup and spoon. Also, at this stage the babys taste buds will develop, so he may want to have a different taste in food. So, start feeding him different solid food and wait some more days and try again with spoon and bowl...hope he will start having top milk
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Question: My baby is 14 months old.. He is just taking my feed and not the bottle milk.now I want to Stop my feed... What should I do??
Answer: hi dear , my baby is too 14 months old ,as per doctr and WHO u shud feed baby atleast till 18 months .. still i hd to start my jobso weaned off last month my experience ws easy bt nt fr everyne .. depends on baby to baby. fst of all u need to undrstnd one thng its a slow process u cannot force baby fr dt bt yeah it is equally true k thoda toh rulana padega if u hv made a decision. first stop gvng day feed reduce one by one . if u skipping evening feed tdy stop gvng aftrnun + evening aftr 2 days .. thn stop eve+aft+noon+... thn finally stop mrng fst one .... eventually do ds fr weeks n thn sudnly night one which most diff , u jus hv to gve ur child to somebdy in d house n u hv to go away frm his eyesight he vl cry bt rembr thr is no going bck once u do dt it vl be waste ...uska rona n u too obvio vl suffer . bt in my case i ws lucky she cried nly fr two days n dada dadi papa wr playn playn playn n diverting her mind n so she slpt. imp point is jb hi koi meal skip kr rhe ho make sure u gve dt meal wt he likes n mk him full ki uska mann hi na ho fir .
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Question: Hlo everyone ,my baby is 2.6 yrs old and she drinks milk with bottle .I want her to quit the bottle now but she doesn't want to hv milk in cup or glass .What should I do now ?
Answer: Well bottle feeding is addictive.it would take some time to get rid of it..please have patience. Reduce the bottle feeding time..and also do some trick to make the bottle put if sight..tell some story the some monster or fairy took it away..
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