3 months old baby

Question: my baby is 4 mnth old. from last 1 month wo apne muh me se curd and water jesa nikal raha he. sote waqt he is ok but hath pair hilata tab aisa niklta hai. me use din me 2 to 3 time fm deti hu baki bm. as suggested by doctor i have gave him rantac and domstral syrup but no change

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Answer: Almost half of young babies spit up regularly. The peak age for spitting up – also known as reflux – is 4 months. When your baby swallows air along with his breast milk or formula, the air gets trapped in with the liquid. The air has to come up, and when it does, some of the liquid comes up too, through his mouth or nose.Babies take in a lot of nourishment in relation to their size, and some of them really like to eat, so sometimes they become overfilled and, well, overflow. A newborn's digestive system isn't fully developed, either.
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Question: Hi everyone my baby girl is 3 month old from last 3 days she's not passing stool doctor suggested me to give 5ml three times laxitol syrup but i gave once what could be reason why shez not passing stool i feed her both bm and fm suggest anything i can do to help my kid
Answer: Hi dear it is very common for 3 months old baby to not pass stool for some time in fact for an example my girl used to pass a story in every 4 to 5 days it is very common specially when the baby is completely breastfed but as you have mentioned that your baby is also on formula milk hence your doctor has suggested you the medicine but don't worry it is very common in babies if the medicine is working fine you can talk to your doctor and offer this to your baby .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello my baby has cold and cough by the next day I consulted pediatric and he suggested cough and nasal drops for him and he said it's due to climatic changes it will be for six to seven days But in between my mother gave home remedies too( betel leaf juice with BM) But now it is sixth day he has no running nose but his voice change like soreness and while coughing (rarely) it seems he has cold in his chest Suggest me what to do
Answer: Hi dear try home remedy. Rub ghee on babys feet , chest and back soothe the cough. Roast ajwain and cloves and tie them in a hanky. Make your baby smell this and also warm the chest and back with this potli. Thinning the mucus can reduce caugh
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Question: my baby girl is 17 days old and suffering from lot of poo...he poo is yellow in colour and she is doing around 10-12 poo in a day.....doctor gave tab and a syrup but still stop nahi Ho rahi hain....wat should I do....plz suggest me something
Answer: baby is so small dear. there can be several reasons of loose motions in infants. are you only breastfeeding?
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