Few weeks old baby

Question: my baby is 15days old.from day before sterday he does not poop.pls advice me

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Answer: Mene suna h baby agr din me 7 bar ya 7 din me ek bar potty krta h to ye normal h .. Aap you tube pr mom com india ki iss topic pr video dekhh lo apko pta chl jayga
Answer: You must consult the doctor first. It should be done after feed.
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Question: My baby does not pooing since 6 days...he is constipated...give me advice
Answer: Hello dear... Since your baby is in breastfeeding, mother's diet play an vital role in digestion process, so it should fullfill baby's need Mother's should take food in regular intervals, you can 5-6 small meals, will helps to reduce gas. Please don't Starve yourself,it will increase the problem Take fiber rich diet, comprises of wholegraibs,cereals, millets Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, you can also take veg with high water content like pumpkin, cucumber, raddish,plantain stem,celery,it can taken in the form of soups,salads,sabji Avoid caffeine,cold drinks,packed foods,deep fried items Keep yourself hydrated,drink 10 - 12 glasses of water, you can also have fruit juice too Drink butter milk will reduce dehydration and releives for constipation Intake of figs and prunes will help your baby releive in constipation Boil water with ajwan seed ,and then drink,it helps a lot for indigestion. Thank you
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Question: My baby is 11month ND 15days old.. He is not able to stand on his own spot... When does he starts walking
Answer: Hi, my baby started walking after 13 months so if your toddler is developing normally in other ways, it might be that she/he just hasn't had enough encouragement or opportunity. Limit the use of baby walkers and bouncers which can prevent leg muscles from fully developing. Delay introducing shoes until your baby walks well inside. Walking barefoot improves balance and coordination. Child proof your home and allow your baby to walk in a safe and familiar environment. When your baby is cruising along furniture, challenge them by increasing the distance between each piece of furniture, as possible, to encourage your baby to take small steps. When your baby is close to independent walking, walk your child with support everywhere until they can do it on their own. Walking is a mindset for your child. When holding your baby’s hand, bring your hand down lower to lessen the support you are providing. This will help build endurance, balance, and confidence in your baby. Have your baby stand with their back against a wall. Step away from your baby and call out to them with your arms outstretched. Encourage your baby to take lunging steps towards you and into your arms.
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Question: My baby is 11 days old.from last night he is not taking feed.seems sleepy and lazy.not crying for milk
Answer: hi do not worry it is common at this stage so please wake baby by slowly tickling feet baby gets out of sleep and drinks milk my son used to do the same so try all means to wake baby and feed nothing to worry about it they will sleep immediately again
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