5 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4months 7days old from 2 weeks she is not lacting from right breast. What is the cause?

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Answer: Hi! Its a very common thing at this age to refuse a particular side while feeding in fact I get to see a lot of queries on this a particular topic now actually dear what happens here is that the baby at around this age goes through a lot of mental changes at the same time and do it cannot be explained in words but what you can do is to try and find out the reason here are few reasons that I have suggested you can check; A baby refusing feed can.be very stressful for the mother. In most cases breast refusal is temporary. However please check these points as well. *Breast is engorged and difficult for baby to feed. *Baby is full and doesnt want feed, in this case follow hid cues. *The flow of your milk, in the first few weeks the flow is more, and tough to handle for the baby. *Weather can affect feeding.. What u can do is; *Give Skin to skin contact play a major role in feeding. *You can change position of feeding once and check. * you can feed that particular side while the baby is asleep . Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi , my baby now is 4 months 3 weeks old on breast milk . From 2 days she is not liking to feed on my right breast like before . What to do??
Answer: Hi, This happen, one side become their favorite. You can try offering the left breast first after 10-15 minutes shift to the right one. You can also try pumping the right side if the baby gets frustrated and doesn’t stay on long enough to give you good stimulation. Some babies show a preference for one breast temporarily, and then start taking it again just fine. Others will continue to have a strong preference for as long as the mom breastfeeds, and some refuse to take one breast completely. It’s important to keep track of her urine and stool output, and to check her weight. If she is gaining weight well, then it doesn’t really matter if she nurses from one breast or both. If she isn’t gaining well, then you may need to nurse more frequently, pump and supplement with your milk, or supplement with bottles of formula. It's just a phase and shall pass. More power to you mom.
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Question: Hello my son old is 2year 4months Last 7days he is not eating anything properly so what we can do
Answer: Hi. Happy to help you. If your child is not eating properly, it might be because of the presence of worms in baby's stomach. Try the following methods for Deworming: 1. Zentel 400mg worming medicine can be prescribed to kids over two years of age. 2. Bitter gourd can also help fight the worms in the tummy. Mix a cup of bitter gourd juice with water and honey and give it to the child at least twice a day. 3. Carrots have vitamin A, which helps in boosting the child’s immunity and enabling him to fight any intestinal parasites before they get a hold of the body. Eating carrots on an empty stomach can help in clearing the worms. Hope it helped you 😊
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Question: My 4months old baby not passing poop from 2days..she is crying a lot..what to do
Answer: hie a baby can cry for a number of reasons it is normal for babies to not pass poop for 2-4 days it might probably be due to gas apply hing paste around your babys naval area, massage your babys tummy with gentle circular strokes, downwards and circular motion. bicycle legs help babies pass gas to a huge extent also avoid having gassy vegetables or food groups in your diet as what you eat i s visible in traces in your bresrt milk as welll.
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Question: My baby doesn't suck milk from right side breast from 2 days..what is the reason??
Answer: hi dear you should not left baby to avoid taking milk on a right side for past 2 days here because when the baby don't take feed on one side you should squeeze out milk because when the milk became so baby is avoid taking milk so on the very first day itself you should squeeze out the milk and wash your breast and then start feeding your baby so this way baby will take the field of both the side up as this is today's the milk on the right side breast will become curdled so that would be the reason baby avoiding to take feed that side so squeeze out the milk and wash well wipe it well and then feed baby.
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