4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4months old can i give ragi sari

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Answer: Wait till 6month. 6th month is the ideal time to start semi solid for your baby. As by then baby can sit on his own, has better coordination between his throat and tongue wch facilities easy gulping. His digestive system is also strong and can readily digest food items other than breastmilk.
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    Pavithra Nagaraju911 days ago

    But milk is reduced for me n i thought giving ragi is better than formula powder

Answer: Hii dis is good for baby but do make sure that ragi is hot in nature. So if u have hot weather so try to give Ragini moderate qty.
Answer: Don't give any solid food to baby till 6 months...start only after 6 months
Answer: No please. Nothing to be given except bm/fm till 6 months.
Answer: No please. Nothing to be given except bm/fm till 6 months.
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Answer: There is lot of questions on this topic some pediatric say baby can be weaned as early as 4 months keeping in mind all the suggestions from other mom's not to start soon.... im planning to start from last week of this month my baby is also 4 months she is mixed fed so I want to give it a try. Let me know when you gonna start if so....
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Question: Can i give ragi sari to baby
Answer: Hllo dear ragi s completely safe for baby but it should be given when baby ll completed 6 month nd 7 month ll start ur baby s small as 5 months so its not best time 2 give solids . Give bf after 2 2 hours untill baby completed 6 months .
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Answer: Dear nothing should be given to baby to eat before baby is 6 months because it can cause digestion problems to baby. so wait for 1 more month and once baby is 6 months you can give semi solid food to baby but not before that..
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