20 months old baby

Question: my baby is 18months old but unable to eat....I use to grind the food and feed her

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Answer: hi, start with finger foods. give him something crispy to eat. u can give him thin slices of apple, small pieces of steamed vegetables like carrot, broccoli, French beans. home made french fries, murmura. make sure the vegetables are all his pinch grip and when u give him the food don't leave him unattended
Answer: start with some soft chewable things may be biscuit or banana n then slowly go for chapati s n all...be patient
Answer: wat Shud I do that she start eating instead of grinding
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Question: My daughter is 1 year 8 month old...she doesn't eat whole grain..i have to grind the food and paste it to feed her..
Answer: Hi nvr ever grind grains it's very dangerous n it turns food poisonous instead smash it in spoon or boil it well n feed her The best way to introduce food to kids is family should sit together for food at least for one meal if father is not able to accompany bcoz of work at least u shud sit with her on dinning table or on floor n give her one plate n serve the same food u eat it's k if she spills makes the place dirty but u shud give her the same food as she is already 21 months everything can be fed don't worry she will start eating just need to show her wat to eat n how to eat n at the same time just to fill her stomach prepare some kheer with any grains u want to feed her or give her soups n fruits, dry fruits all these will give her required nutrients till she practices to eat food n kindly refer our home page to get more tips on feeding kids. Don't lose hope as a mother all go through such phase
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