7 months old baby

Question: my baby is 7month old,but she suffering from hair loss. plzz tell me what to do???

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Answer: Following the tips will help you prevent and control hair fall in your baby, here are they: 1. Your baby may sleep or rest his head in one position. If so, provide him enough tummy time by letting him lie on his tummy on the floor or bed. 2. Tummy time would improve his physical development. It will also reduce hair fall due to lesser friction of the hair with the mattress or cot. 3. Do not comb your baby’s hair too many times. 4. Do not tie a ponytail too tight. 5. In case your baby has the problem of hair fall even after 7 months of age you should seek medical help. To conclude, manage your baby’s hair with care and do not fret over the hair loss in infants. For the first few months of your baby’s life hair fall is perfectly normal.
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    pritee paikray1045 days ago

    when I massage her head with oil then her hair falls so badly.but after that her hair didn't fall

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Answer: Hi Here are the some remedies include,Because of loose motions, babies lose a lot of potassium, and it is necessary to replenish it.give plenty of water or ors solution..Mix a teaspoon of ginger, some cinnamon powder, a bit of cumin powder and a teaspoon of honey. Give this mixture to your baby thrice a day.Soak a bowl of puffed rice in a glass of water for about 15-20 minutes. Strain the rice and give the water to your baby twice a day to provide quick relief from loose motions. Homemade buttermilk is effective in fighting germs and bacteria. It soothes the digestive system quickly.Lemon is found in most households and is a great home remedy for curing loose motions in kids.
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Answer: Hie As you hair enter a sleep phase during pregnancy Post delivery hair fall is given to happen as the hormones go back to normal level and the hairs enter resting phase which leads to hair fall But don't worry have a healthy diet and coupled with supplement you won't notice that for much days Have green vegetables everyday Make 1 fruit a day  your myntra Have multivitamin which contains biotin as well as dietary supplement Or you can have multivitamin and biotin sperately Both are easily available in medical stores
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