11 months old baby

Question: My baby is 10months old and I think he has itching in his ears bcoz most of d times his fingers is in his ear and he has also scratched it wat can be d cause n wat shud we do

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Answer: May be he is getting teeth now so he is doing like dat.some baby scratches their ears n some baby gets motions when teeth r going to come
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Question: My son is 5 year old and he has deficiency of vitamin d wat shud be his food and he is also having constipation prbm pl suggest
Answer: Dear give sun light to your baby. Sun light can increase vitamin d and include fresh fatty fish, liver, some mushrooms and egg yolks. For constipation five steamed apple or apple juice to baby in morning on empty stomach..
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Question: Hi mam, my child is 10months old. He is suffering from ear ache n fever. Wen we consulted ENT he said that he is suffering from ear wax. May i know ear wax can cause to fever in children...?
Answer: Hi dear,if there us infection then it will cause fever ear wax alone cannot cause fever to the baby Sometimes if the baby is in bad pain it can cause fever .
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Question: Wat is d ryt age fr ear piercng in baby girl..n wat care should be taken aftr ear piercng
Answer: My baby is 8 months old and have pierced her ear when she is 3 months old . Usually everyone suggests to wait till one year but i feel is they don't move their hands , also they feel.less.pain at this age. I pierced her ears In a jewellery shop she does not have any prob. Apply coconut oil twice a day is enough.
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