10 months old baby

Question: my baby is of 9 months old and she's having too much cough and runny nose. what should I do? she is having medicines from last 2days but didn't effect much plz suggest

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Answer: Hi dear it is very common for babies to catch cough and cold very easily because their immunity system is not that strong as elders and now I tell three years it is going to be an on and off problem but you can give steam bath to your baby to loosen the mucus you can massage with warm oil you can feed breast milk as much as possible you can also use nasoclear nasal spray for blocked nose, since the baby is only 9 months old there is no such option to make the baby a drink or eat something to get rid of the cold in service at the save options which you can try at home along with it you can give the medicines that your doctor might have prescribed.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is suffering from cold runny nose and so much cough what should be do
Answer: hi dear ! so dear cough and cold are one of the common childhood illness dear . it can be caused by the environment , climate change or some cold causing foods. remedies for cold and cough in infants is breastmilk dear . breastmilk consists of antioxidants that works wonders in reducing the cough dear. so breastfeed as you can . also there are some home remedies that help : -heat coconut oil with some garlic , pepper and turmeric powder. use this oil to massage on the throat region and the chest for 5 mins it will help reduce the coughing . -take vicks in a beetle leaf and keep it under a lamp for 2 mins and then massage with this beetle leaf on the chest . -you can dry roast tbsp of ajwain , till its aroma comes then make a potli of it and use this as a compress . it is effective in reducing the cold and cough. take care dear! i hope this information was helpful to you !
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Question: My 7month old having cough and runny nose plz help
Answer: Hello! Growing babies explore a lot and grab everything, so it's easy for him to pick up a cold virus on his hands.you can try these effective home remedies to treat runny nose.. • Boil some water in a pot and then add some mint leaves, basil leaves, a little pepper, ginger and breastmilk till the water boils to a point to leave only about 3/4th of original quantity. Now let this solution cool down and administer this to the baby every night. • Combine 1/4th tbsp of turmeric powder, dates and 1/4th tbsp of celery seeds (ajwain) and boil them all with milk. Cool it down and administer it to the baby.
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Question: My baby is having runny nose and vomiting from yesterday night .she is 3 months old
Answer: Hi Dear! Running nose in baby is common and vomiting also is the reason cough and cold and its caused by viruses, climate changes and infections since the baby is only 3 months old, you can try the following to give some relief. 1. Use saline water if the nose is stuffed- Saline water is best in stuffed nose it helps loosen the mucus. 2. Give her plenty of Breast milk-Breast milk is everything your baby needs now to take the germ out through pee. 3.You can give steam bath-steam bath also loosens the mucus and gets drained out from nostrils. 4. Musterd oil massage on the chest and feet-If the oil suits the baby please rub it on the chest and feet to generate heat this too will help loosen the mucus. 5. Elevate the baby upright so that he can breathe easyily and while sleeping make the pillow also a little elevated and check if the vomit is all mucus and if the frequency is more you can offer a medicine after consulting Dr. to prevent it.. Hope this helps!
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