6 months old baby

Question: my baby is of 6 months now what should i give him what should be the ideal gap between 2 items n how much should I give

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Answer: start with soup or fruit puree.. give him once on 1st day 2 times 2nd day n 3rd day again 2 times check for any allergy.. if not found introduce other food same way
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Question: What should be the ideal gap between each feeding?
Answer: Atleast 2 hours if your baby feeds fully at a time.and after feeding if he does susu and potty then again feed him as his stomach gets empty.sometimes baby thodha feed krke chodh dete h then according to situation you have to feed.takecare
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Question: What should be the gap between fruit fruit juice n solids? Ideal timing for food
Answer: Hello! Fruit juice can be given as snacks and normal food during the meal times. Also remember that breastmilk or formula milk is the main food till 12months. Hence plan it that way. Take care
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Question: How long a session of breastfeed should last for a 3 month old baby? What should be the ideal time gap between 2 sessions ?
Answer: Hello dear U should feed ur baby for atleast 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Also u have to feed ur baby after every 2 hrs because as ur baby is small he will pass urine after every feed because of which ur baby will again feel hungry.
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