5 months old baby

Question: my baby is of 5 months... he sleeps very less... in day time only for half n hour 3 times and in night he gets up in every 1 hour takes feed and then he sleeps.... when will he sleeps continuously for 3 4 hours

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Answer: breastfeed babies does like this in night for quite long time. till you stop breastfeeding frequent wake up sessions will continue. after starting solid diet might be the interval increases but still baby need night feed.
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Question: My baby sleeps very little in day time also feed only for 10 min and cries. If he go for sleep he will wake up within half an hour. In night he sleeps very well bt take feed only for 10, min and that too only 3 times. Is this ok
Answer: No create good And calm enviournment for your baby. Due to distraction this will happen
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