1 months old baby

Question: My baby is of 1 month old he is feeling gassy and feeling uncomfortable to poop but his stool is normal may i know the reasons and remedy plz

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Answer: It is good but excess may lead to attack cold easily so take in limit
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Question: My baby is 2 months old.sometimes his stool is like foam....he is releasing foam like poop. Whats the reasons
Answer: Hi dear, foamy stool in babies is often a sign that they are getting an overload of lactose sugar found in breast milk .fore milk has fewer nutrients than hindmilk and if a baby is getting too much fore milk they will not be able to digest it correctly which may cause foamy stool. To avoid this you need to express small amount of fore milk before feeding your baby. if your baby has some stomach infections like giardia then also it can cause foamy stool but there will be some other symptoms like gas ,nausea, stomach, pain fatigue etc. if your baby has any such symptoms with foamy stool then consult a doctor.
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Question: I am feeling dizzy and uncomfortable right now..gassy...what should i do? Is it normal?
Answer: It is normal in early trimester to feel dizzy. Bit I will advise a first blood test and scan now to check on baby development aswell as nte blood -hb as reduced haemoglobin gives dizziness. Also do not eat cabbage cauliflower potatoes in excess or reduce consumption to weekly to avoid gas.
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Question: My 1 month old baby is very gassy whenever he farts a little poop or yellow water comes out. His pants are always stained yellow. Is this normal?
Answer: That's very normal dear. Just make sure you burp your little one post every feed
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