Few weeks old baby

Question: My baby is of 11 days old from last night she is making sounds from nose seems like suffering from cold what is the best remedy to cure

Answer: As she is to small. Don't give any medicine without doc's permission. Don't try any oral home remedies for baby. Make ajwain potli and give warm compresses on his chest and put it near him while he is sleeping. Lamp of chaphor in babies room . You can apply oil on his chest and feet ( muster oil + garlic+ ajwain )
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    DIPIKA CHAG119 days ago

    Dont give anything just breastfeed hee wveey 2 hrs

Answer: Hi dear. U can use vicks for her. Apply on the feet sole n put socks, she will feel better
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Question: My daughter is 16 months old and she is suffering from cold with running nose from last 4 days.. Please tell me any home remedy to cure fastly
Answer: Put a few saline drops in her nose to help loosen up some of the mucus. And suck out any excess snot with a bulb syringe (not pretty, but effective) to help clear out her passageways. Put a humidifier or cool-mist vaporizer in her bedroom; it'll add moisture to the air and help her breathe more easily. You could try the special nonmedicated version of its famous vapor rub for babies 3 months and older. ... Use these to release the scent of menthol to soothe and ease congestion for your baby.
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Question: My baby is 23 days old.. She is suffering from cold, blocked nose? Pls suggest me some remedy to cure feel worried
Answer: Hi,small babies get easily affected with climatic changes and frequently get this cold and cough You can try this home remedies which will help the baby get some relief . Roast ajwain,4-5 pods if garlic,Ince roasted the it in the freshly washed and clean cloth and make a potli ..You should rub this in baby'chest and and back this will help to dissolve the phelgam accumulated in the chest. Keep vaporizer in the room with tulsi leaves when the baby sleeps so that the moisture helps the baby to breathe.and soften her congested chest and nose. Boil garlic cloves in mustard oil,cool it and give massage with it in baby's chest It also helps Your breast milk has antibodies which will help the baby to fight against the infection.
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Question: Hello.. can anybody suggest the best home remedy to get rid of cold for my 4 month old daughter.. she is also suffering from blocked nose..
Answer: Hi mommy,  I know it gets really difficult if baby gets cold and as he/she is so small that we can't give medicines. Some tips I am suggesting hope it will help. Take care! Lots of rest: Fighting an infection takes energy and can wear a child out. When your child's resting, he's healing. And that's exactly what he needs to do. Steamy air: Breathing moist air helps loosen the mucus in the nasal passages. A warm bath is very relaxing, too. Have a humidifier or a cool-mist vaporizer going at night and during naps and playtime in the bedroom. Let a hot shower run for several minutes. Then give your child a warm bath or just sit with her in the steamy bathroom Saline drops and a bulb syringe: Drops clear the nose when kids are too young to blow their nose.Tip your child's head back and squeeze two or three saline drops into each nostril to thin and loosen the mucus. Try to keep his head still afterward for 15 to 30 seconds.Squeeze the bulb of the syringe, then gently insert the rubber tip into his nostril. Gently close off the other nostril with your finger. Slowly release the bulb to collect mucus and saline solution. Remove the syringe and squeeze the bulb to expel the mucus into a tissue. Wipe the syringe and repeat with the other nostril. Repeat procedure if needed.
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