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Question: My baby is of 18days.. breastfeeding digest nai kr pa rha h.. doc ne mactase drops likhi h but usse bhi fark nai pdh rha h... Baut milk nikalta h feeding k baad... Kya kru... I m very worried

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Answer: Hello dear. Try different types of burp techniques and some remedies of gas. Below are some techniques:- 1.) Burp ur baby sitting on ur lap-: Put a cloth bib on your baby or a cloth over your lap to catch any spit-up. Sit your baby on your lap facing away from you. Use one hand to support his body, the palm of your hand supporting his chest while your fingers gently support his chin and jaw. (Make sure you're not putting your fingers around his throat.) Lean your baby slightly forward and gently pat or rub his back with your other hand. 2.) Or Face down across your lap-: Put a cloth over your lap to catch any spit-up. Lay your baby face down on your legs so she's lying across your knees, perpendicular to your body.Support her chin and jaw with one hand. Make sure your baby's head isn't lower than the rest of her body so blood doesn't rush to her head.Pat or rub her back with the other hand. Note: If you don't get a burp after a few minutes, try a different position. If that doesn't work, it's fine to stop – your baby may not need to burp. Try these steps to prevent and ease the pain of constipation:- 1.) Burp Often. Burping helps relieve gas by allowing air to escape from the body, keeping it from building up. 2.) Keep Baby Upright while breastfeeding 3.) Pump Baby's Legs 4.) Draw a Warm Bath 5.) Try a Baby Massage 6.) Track ur Diet. 7. ) Check feeding position. "When you're nursing or bottle-feeding, try to keep the baby's head higher than her stomach. Hope this helps.
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Question: Mere nipples cut lg kr khrut ane lg gye .. feed krna muskil ho rha h .. dortor ne nipcare likhi thi or kha milk nikal kr pilao... But milk nikalta hi nhi h ese.. kya kru kuch smj nhi aa rha anyone plz help
Answer: Try breast pump. While feeding nipples become dry so they get cracks. Apply ghee on it. For sore nipples one most effective remedy is to apply your own breast milk on nipples and let it dry. It will help.
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Question: Mera 40 week chal rha h r kal doc ne baby ki heart rate check kiya to wo kam tha kya is situation me doc c section krte h r baby ki movment bhi kam h doc ki advice se mene 50 ml ki castrol oil ki puri bottle milk me dal k li lkn usse bhi pain nai ho rha h kya karu i m worried isse baby ko koi prblm to nai hogi na
Answer: Hi, please have castor oil in limit. Another point is if the heart rate is low followed with slower movements,is the cause why Dr didn't want to wait. Dr will try to induce pains but if it doesn't look, you may have to go in for csec at this point of time waiting is not suggested. As it you have entered in your 40 to week so there is no worry about preterm delivery. In this case immediate delivery it the solution. However don't panic, you will have a safe delivery.
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Question: My baby 1.5 months hum usko cow ka milk bhi pila rhe h apne milk k sath per doctor cow k dudh ko Mna kr rhe MerA dudh sufficient nhi ho pa rha h kya kru m pls syggest
Answer: Please don't give cow milk till 1 yr or at least 6 months. Use formula milk, like nanpro, Lactogen etc. U can take 1 teaspoon shatavari powder in a glass of milk twice a day to increase ur breast milk. It's effective...
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Question: meri baby 1 mnth ki h m use breastfeed ni kra pa rhe kuki doc kh rha mere milk m sugar h jiske karan baby ko loose motion jo jate ur vo milk digest ni kr pa rhe .to kya eska mtlv mje sugar h??
Answer: Nh .lactose syndrome hai..formula milk use karo
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