4 months old baby

My baby is of 4months n 19 days..can i give him mashed potato n

Hi dear, Not this soon.baby needs to be atleast 6 months to start solids.baby's digestive system keeps developing and before 6 months baby is not ready to digest solids now.your breast milk is just enough now.donot even give water at this stage.
No, until six months v should not give anything to baby rather than breast feeding.
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Question: My baby is of 4mnths n 19 days..can i give him mashed potato n boiled apple..??
Answer: Hello dear. You'll have to give any solid food to your baby only after 6 months. Till then breast milk and formula milk would be sufficient. Take care.
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Question: My baby 5months old, can i give him mashed potato?
Answer: Hello Doctors suggest to start semi solids and pureed fruits till ur baby Whn the baby is 6 months old. The baby digestive system cannot digest the complex carbohydrate baby might have constipation indigestion or loose motions. Feeding solids dis early can harm baby s digestive system forever. Breastmilk only till ur baby is 6 months old then u can start semi solids.
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Question: Can we give mashed potato to baby
Answer: Yes u can definitely give. But pls weight till 6 months gets over
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