2 months old baby

Question: Helo my baby is of 2.5 months and my wife is feeling pain in her breast during breastfeeding due to sucking by baby..if we. Try to give formula milk to baby he vomits everytime..so suggest us what to do as wife has pain in her breasts what could​ be remedy ?

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Answer: It is latching problem consult a lactation specialist to get correct position for mother and baby. It is always better to go for breast feeding as it helps baby gain immunity. Don't give formula unless doctor says so.
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Question: My baby vomits every time she feeds... Even when I try to burp she vomits. After feeding she feels uncomfortable as if something is struck in her throat.
Answer: Maybe the baby is over feeding...I consulted with doctor..She told me same as I had similar issue..its ok if baby is vomitng curdled milk it means over eating..And to avoid it is burping after every feed...Keeping upright for atleast few mins before putting to bed..And place head 30 degree above body level..
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Question: Hi.. I had baby before 5days but she is not sucking my breasts.. Just want to feed by spoon.. How can I make her to suck breast
Answer: Use nipple care for some days. Then the baby will start to suck.
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Question: My baby stopped sucking breast milk...he cries a lot if i try...what to do? 3 months ols
Answer: May be his nose blocked or sore throat . That's why he refuses to take milk .. you should use nasal drops to remove congestion n keep your room moist..
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