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Question: My baby is nt so healthy.....she is delivered on 11 july n her weight is 2 kg 860 gm....m worried of her.......plz suggest to make her healthy n gain weight

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Answer: I think it's not too low so relax first and then breastfeed her every 1-2 hour or formula milk every two hours... U can consult any pediatrician for extra multivitamins and multimineral drops for weight gain... U too eat healthy for best results of breastfeeding... Keep checking her weight every week it should not decrease if not increasing in starting after one or two weeks weight should increase in grams every week....
Answer: Does your baby have other issues? Just with weight, don't come to a conclusion that your baby is not healthy. I also delivered a low birth weight baby last month. I know it is difficult to handle a small baby. Initially I also felt very bad that I delivered a small baby. Breast feed often. My baby boy was 2.2 kg when I delivered now he is 6 weeks with 3.75 kg. Be positive, feed often
Answer: Hi! Keep feedinh her breast milk, its the main food for her till 6 months of her age. You have a healthu diet and have loads of water. Good Luck.
Answer: How do you say she is not healthy dear weight doesn't matter just feed feed feed her look her susu n motion n all
Answer: How do you say she is not healthy dear weight doesn't matter just feed feed feed her look her susu n motion n all
Answer: Up to 5 mnths proper quantity of milk only better nutrition for baby so give as much as milk with proper way
Answer: Agr baby girl ho to wo left side ho n right side ho to bby boy Kya ye Sach he ? I m 37 week pregnant
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Answer: Is she breastfeeding or formula feeding
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Question: My baby is 7 mnths old...she is nt healthy at all...what shld i do to make her healthy n gain her weight...plz help mee
Answer: Give her curd for 2 times a day, it keep active and healthy to baby. Give bananas and potatoes to her also.. These things would help her to gain weight. The question of being healthy, I think of a child is playing well and active all the time means the child is healthy. Weight gain doesn't prove to be healthy baby.
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Question: My baby is 5 month old now she is 6 kg n birth weight her 2 kg 400 gm it is ok na she is on bf
Answer: Hi. A healthy newborn is expected to lose 7% to 10% of the birth weight, but should regain that weight within the first 2 weeks or so after birth. During their first month, most newborns gain weight at a rate of about 1 ounce (30 grams) per day. Or 1 kg of weight each month till 6 month of age. So according to your babies birth you can calculate it.
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Question: How to gain my baby weight .she is 11 months old till she is 6.5 kg at birth her weight 2 kg only
Answer: Hi Dear! As per WHO guidelines, baby should triple the birth weight by 1 yr which the baby alrdy has, so thats nomal, now as per age if u notice baby's birth weight has itself been on a lower end, hence its fine u dont need to worry here are some food suggestion, pls check and try to feed.. Breakfast: Oats Porridge with nuts powder Aloo Paratha Roti with ghee Whole wheat bread toast Rawa upma Fruit salad Lunch: Curd Rice Spinach rice with fish Tomato Rice with chicken Peas pulao with veggies curry Daal-Rice with okra fry Quinoa Dinner; Roti with veg curry Oats with veggies Banana Oats pan cake Rawa halwa These are the options to offer and check his hunger cues and offer snacks in between. Hope this helps!
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