2 months old baby

Question: my baby is nt sleeping properly

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Answer: hi new mom. it is common and very natural for baby to face some sleeping problem after birth as atmosehere is new for baby. but do make sure to feed ur baby well and try to fix a routine for ur baby. this will be helpful to make baby understand night and day. also massage well and give a warm bath before sleeping time of baby
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    selvanayaki sundar912 days ago


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Question: hi my baby is 1month n 19days old she is nt sleeping properly
Answer: Hello dear Don't worry. Small babies need time to Adjust to ur sleeping pattern. Best thing to do is u change ur sleeping pattern . It will take your baby 3 to 6 months to sleep in routine. U need rest or u ll get frustrated soon. Dont be angry otherwise it will affect ur breastfeeding.
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Question: My baby is nt eating properly
Answer: Making children's to eat , is quite tricky task to every mom dear, this can be overcomed by feeding food in they way she likes.. these are some tips to follow,. Milk is a good source of calcium dear, they are needed for kids bone health , you can give them as smoothie,milkshake,kheer You can add her favourite fruit with milk and honey, and make smoothie Kheer can be made with carrot, almonds, paneer , just boil milk with almonds ,palm sugar and serve it with topped dry fruits dear For breakfast , you can make kids favourite recipe like aloo paratha dear, paneer paratha with little extra butter You can also make sandwiches with more vegetables, You can toast bread with some butter or cheese We can also serve idly ,dosa,roti on their fav shape and colour with veg puree dear For lunch,we can give curd rice topped with fruits dear, veg salads, rice can be mixed with any veg poriyal ,can be served with Pappad dear Eggs can be given dear as cheeseegg omlete,scrambled eggs,dragon eggs,kids will love it Evening snacks Give them dryfruit shake, groundnut Chikki, makhanas that can be roasted with little ghee,salt,mild pepper powder,it is a healthy snacks option,kids will love it dear For dinner Chappati,poori, with paneer, mushroom gravy,kids will love those gravies, veg dosa you can add any veg in batter and make, we can use their fav shapes dear ... Good luck dear Take care
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Question: my child is nw 15 month boy he is nt sleeping night times properly
Answer: Babies have their own sleeping pattern but these tips can help you. Try them. Feed your baby. Don’t give her/ him so much that she or he is overly full and uncomfortable, but give her/ him enough so that she/ he is satisfied and not hungry before bed. Give her/ him a gentle massage. Before bed, try a short massage. For 10 to 15 minutes, it will relax the baby. Put on a fresh diaper and pajamas. Walking around with her/him in your arms. Rocking her/him gently in a chair or in your arms Singing her/ him a song Playing her/him quiet music. Put her/ him to bed when she/ he is sleepy but still awake. Look for signs of tiredness, such as yawning, heavy eyes, making fists, and eye rubbing. Avoid eye contact as it might turn her/him and wake him/her up again. Lay her/ him down on her/ his back. Babies should always sleep on their backs. Soothe your baby with physical contact as you transfer her/ him to bed. Gently lay your hand on her/ him stomach, arms, or head to reassure her/him that you are there and make her/ him feel safe and secure. Turn off the lights because babies understand that it is sleeping time.
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