3 months old baby

Question: my baby is nt sleeping proprly and cries continusly

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Answer: Try making a routine for the baby. It's actually all trial and error... More of trial of course. Try engaging the baby during the day and feed him to sleep.. massaging the baby at night also helps in getting sleep. Try dimming the lights and playing lullaby or white noise. Happy parenting.
Answer: Suffering from Colic problem
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Question: My baby is not sleeping proprly.....and keep on crying ?? Asking me to feed continously...So wht shud i do
Answer: Hi! The entire world is new to your baby as he is only a month old, it is natural for him to be fussy as he doesnt find himself secure anymore outside the womb and need your touch constantly. Please have patience and soothe the baby, feed him well to keep him full to have a good sleep. Swaddle him in your arns so that he feels cozy and secure. Good Luck!
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Question: My 7weeks old baby sleeping 7hours continusly ...is it ok?
Answer: hi it is completing normal because the baby can sleep up to 14 to 16 hours how I was still you should wake up the baby in between to feed the baby because you should be in your baby every 2 hours which is very important
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Question: my baby is not sleeping proprly at ngt from lst two daysss ''y
Answer: is baby is having cough? is bay is uneasy? baby is having proper diet?
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