3 months old baby

Question: My baby is nt getting enough breast milk.. so i feed her formula via bottle.. so she s not at latching to my breast. Plz suggest ways to make her forget bottle and latch to the breast as my supply is lilttle better

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Answer: How can I tell if my baby is getting enough milk? If you notice these signs, your baby should be getting enough milk: Your baby is feeding at least six to eight times a day . Breastfeeding feels comfortable and you are free of pain in your breast and nipple after the first few sucks, once your milk has let down . Your breasts feel softer and less full after feeds. Your nipple looks the same shape as when the feed began, or is slightly elongated . Your baby looks a healthy colour, and has firm skin that bounces right back if you pinch it gently. Your baby is alert when he is awake, and readily asks for feeds. Your baby is wetting two or three wet nappiesin the first 48 hours, which becomes more frequent. Once he's over five days old, he should have at least six wet nappies every 24 hours. Your baby's wee should be pale and odourless . You can see your baby swallow while he is feeding, and he seems to be latched on properly. You'll be able to hear him swallowing more clearly too, once your milk has come in. Your baby changes rhythm while sucking, and pauses during feeds. He should start feeding again when he's ready, and come off your breast spontaneously when he's finished. Your baby’s poos are a yellowy-mustard colour by the time he’s five days old .
Answer: She latches properly nd she sucks as well. Bt cries badly in couple of minutes. Even pumping doesnt work i hardly get 10 ml in 1 hour electric pumping
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Question: My baby 74 days old but he s nt latching properly hw to make him to latch proper?& hw to give more breast feeding?
Answer: hi small babies take some time to understand how to latch if you don't worry you should make sure that you massage your breast each time before you are feeding a baby this will also help and if the baby is not able to write properly then in that case you can express your milk and feed the baby through the feeder on the school because breast milk is very important for the proper growth and development of the baby and it also helps to build immunity of the baby before it should be very important to give breast milk to the baby
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Question: My son is 1 month old and he is not latching milk from last 1 week. As I'm not getting sufficient milk, I am giving formula. To again make him latch can I try putting vitamin d3 drops on my nipple and can I make him latch. Kindly suggest best ways to make him latch.
Answer: First of all if you have not sufficient breast milk use himalya shatavari tablets and have roasted white jeera powder in every meal and also drink milk 3 times a day it will surely increase your breast milk...... Yes you can try by applying d3 drops and also try without it have patience and try n try
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Question: Hi...my baby 4months completed...as I don't get enough breast milk for her...and she refuse bottle milk...can make her eat cerelac as she completed 4months
Answer: Hi! Please do not offer any outside Food to the baby of 4 months old it is not sleep at all for the babies digestive system baby can suffer for stomach issues, no Cerelac no outside Food at all till the time your baby completes 6 months or 180 days.. Hope this helps!
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