4 months old baby

Question: My baby is nt gaining weight nw her weight is 8kgs birth weight is 2.8 kgs since 10days she is nt eating anything wt cn i do

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Answer: Hii kindly repost ur baby age.
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Question: Nw my baby is 5months cn i feed cerlax to her she gt cold wt i hv to do
Answer: Hie Please breast feed your baby exclusively for the first 6 months not only is your breast milk easy to digest but contains essential nutrients, fats and antibodies which will help baby to grow , develop and fight illness if any Your babys digestive system is immature at 3 months he might not be able to digest any thing  other than breast milk hence would suggest wait untill your baby turns 6 months and then offer cerelac or semi solids
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Question: My baby weighed 3.32 kgs while birth nd is now 3.4 kgs still after 1 month 20 days from birth...how do i increase her weight? Is it ok nt gaining weight?
Answer: Immediately after birth baby will takes time to increase its weight. When the baby was inside the uterus blood supply was from your body. After birth baby itself has to pump the blood. So for adapting this circulation it may take some time. After 10 days you will definitely see changes in her weight.
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Question: My baby birthweight is 2.8 and nw she is 5.3 is it k r nt wt i hv to do gain her weight
Answer: Hi dear till 5 to 6 months of age baby should gey double the birth weight. So it is fine as u have still 1 more month to gain more weight. There is nothing much required other than feeding only mother milk to baby for 1st 6 month for the proper growth of baby.
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