Question: my baby is 8month now... when will she sit by her own or we should train her to sit with supporting by pillow???

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Answer: my suggestion is that leave her on her own developmental milestones are to be achieved by the baby, our culture promotes training at all levels but learning by doing is the principle to be followed , just stand by her to notice , she'll do one by one on her own , every child is unique give them their time to develop skills, God has set up a natural instinct on when to do what right from birth we do not train the baby to cry for hunger or thirst so don't worry just let go enjoy every milestones of your lovely little darling
Answer: yes u can put pillow at her back also prams r very helpful. make her sit with the back upright and go for evening walk. make her sit beside the room window so that she can see outside and will try to sit on her own.even if she sits on ur lap make her sit with the help of ur body.
Answer: u can give support if baby is comfortable otherwise all babies r different so they can do themselves according to their capacity so no need to worry ur baby also do all activity but u should b keep patience
Answer: this is good that u teach her to sit with support of pillows. its time that she should sit. some babies start sitting 6to7 months. so u try to make her sit.
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    Rubina Shaikh1570 days ago

    yes my sis son has completed 6 th month n he is sitting probably

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    Rubina Shaikh1570 days ago


Answer: hey dear u have to train her.. make her with pillow supprt.. c will learn soon once c sits with support c will start sitting without pillow too
Answer: Every baby is different.. don't worry she will cover at her own pace.. let her sit on baby chair with support.. do some activities. she will
Answer: you should start ur baby with cushions and pillows. .slowly ur baby learn to sit with her own
Answer: every baby is different so don't worry give her some time and yes train her to sit with support
Answer: yea it's time to , but not necessarily. so you can try helping the baby
Answer: trained her to sit WD pillow support...
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