4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4month now. He is not interested in breast feeding. What will i do?

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Answer: You can start formula milk and see if the baby is adjusting to it. But also try to breastfeed in between
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Question: My 4month old baby not interested in feeding breastmilk
Answer: Hiif the baby dissent like to latch then express your milk and try to feed they spoon or feeder.but BM is very imp till 6 months.it helps the baby to grow well and also helps to build his immunity.
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Question: My baby is 7.5 month...he is not at all interested in breast milk...he is interested in solids...hardly he takes 2 breast feed per day..what should i do...
Answer: Dear that usually happens when babies start solids that they lack interest in taking the breastfeed anymore. My daughter in the day time used to take feed everytime she had anything to eat. You can do the same once your baby finishes the food give him the feed. Do not that babies do not ask for the feed especially once they are on solids so you can urself give it after every time he finishes the food. Hope this helps.
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Question: My Baby 102 day old...he always sucking his thumbs..not interested to feeding...i have more breast milk...but he Always sucking thumb...what can i do
Answer: Hello dear,  Most babies start teething between 4 and 7 months. But at this age, a more likely possibility is that your baby has started to "find" her hands, which may become her new favorite play things. Babies have a natural urge to suck. This urge usually decreases after the age of 6 months. But many babies continue to suck their thumbs to soothe themselves. Thumb-sucking can become a habit in babies and young children who use it to comfort themselves when they feel hungry, afraid, restless, quiet, sleepy, or bored. Hope it helped, Take care ur little one...
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