5 months old baby

Question: My baby is now going 6 months old what should I gave him except and cerelac

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Answer: Hey glad that your baby going yo start solids now..keep it slow,introduce one food at a time ..I started with raagi slurry and in fruits banana and steamed mashed apple..lasted can give daal water,mashed runny khichdi,vegetable soups,porridge,rice kanji etc too..once baby gets used to eat may be later months you can introduce idly,upma too..observe if baby is unable to digest anything in particular and go ahead accordingly..,
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Question: My baby boy is 6 months old, can I give him water? Nd what food should I've to feed him? And can I give fruit juices?
Answer: Yes dear you can introduce fruit juices in your baby's diet. You can give you baby 60 to 90 ml of water after introducing to time Semi solid feed..steamed Apple puree, mashed banana , boiled potato puree , sweet potato kheer, sabudana Kheer , rice porridge, Ragi porridge, daal soup etc you can introduce in your baby's diet.
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Question: My son is 6 months old now, which is the best one between cerelac and lactogen for him? Can you suggest me
Answer: Dear they both are different cerlac is a first baby food while lactogen is a formula milk.please clarify if Ia m wrong.well now that baby is 6 months you can give cerlac.and if your milk is not enough then do choose formula milk like lactogen too.
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Question: My baby is 8 month old plz tell me what food i should gave to her
Answer: Hey please give home cooked food like rice porridge,rava porridge,raagi slurry, home made cerlac,fruit puree,dosa,idly,poha,upma,vegetable soups and boiled veggies as well..dnt force feed though.try introducing variety if food gradually...
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