5 months old baby

Question: My baby is now 5month .8 days old he is damn active vd hands n legs movement full day when he awake like hell.he has not a single minute normal rest his body. Is that normal.. He is super active. He must loose all his stamina n energy by that I have to tie him when he sleeps

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Answer: Hii i guess he is absolutely normal..not to worry.. If he is comfortable and not crying it means he is alright..
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Question: Hi, my baby sleeps a lot these days but he is active and plays when awake, is it normal?
Answer: As ur baby is too small so this is the time when baby is sleeping the whole day and waking up the whole night or vice versa. U no need to worry mom it will not affect in activeness of baby. As the baby is becoming older the routine of sleep will change eventually and u can also see activeness in the baby
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Question: Baby is not drinking milk when he is active and awake... he drinks when he is too tired and sleepy.. whenever i try to feed he starts crying.... he is active.. passing urine and stools normally... eats his hands alot
Answer: My baby also does this..don't worry..if he is active and healthy then nothing to worry
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Question: My baby now a days sleeping very less..around 10 hours in a day...is it normal...rest of the time he is very active and moves his legs n hands always and keeps his hands inside his mouth..please let me know is it fine..he is 70 days old.
Answer: Hi! Its absolutely fine to be active than usual , if baby is not showing any kind of discomfort, not crying, doesnt hv any associated issue its all fine.. Dont worry! Hope this helps!
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