8 months old baby

Question: my baby is not weight gaining..what food should i give to him..

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Answer: 1. Wake up time 7 am 2. Give a baby gentle oil massage 3. Breastfeed the baby and make the baby sleep 4. 9am breakfast 5. 11am mid day breakfast 6. Bath time around 11.30am 7. Make baby sleep with breastfeed 8. 1.30pm lunch 9. Breastfeed and at 3pm sleep again 10. 5pm evening snack 11. 8 pm dinner 12. 9pm breastfeed , massage and sleep The diet : Ragi porridge, ragi and nuts porridge, ragi apple kheer, ragi banana kheer, ragi halwa, ragi pancakes, ragi idli, daliya, daliya with apple and banana porridge, apple kheer, banana shake, chiku, papaya, pumpkin, carrot, watermelon purée, sooji upma, sooji kheer, sooji apple bananau porridge, sooji pancakes, banana pancakes, white egg, makhana kheer, veggie khichdi, curgd rice, vegetable soup includes tomato, broccoli, carrot, spinach, beetroot, potato, sweet potatoes, onion , ginger, bottle gourd, etc
Answer: whts ur baby food routine??
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Question: My baby boy 11months 22days old,he is weight is 9.5kgs..he is not gaining weight.wat food should I keep..
Answer: 🍌🍒🥚Hi dear.. Here are the best foods for weight gain in babies and toddlers that you should include in their diet: ✨Breast Milk. Let's start off with the most obvious suggestion there is – feed your child breast milk!(Empty one breast completely before moving to the next by doing this baby will get Fat rich hind milk) ✨Bananas. ✨Sweet Potatoes. ... ✨Pulses. ... ✨Ragi Dishes like (Ragi porridge, Ragi dosa or idli, Ragi ladoo, Ragi roti etc.)Sprouted Ragi is simply best for babies. ✨Ghee. ✨Pear fruit. ✨Avocado fruit. ✨Peas, Peas puree or soup. ✨Small quantity of Boiled and mashed potato and also sweet potato. ✨Dry fruits ✨DAIRY, cow's milk after 1 year. ✨Paneer. ✨Chicken, Fish and meat in small quantity. ✨Oats any recipe. ✨Home made cerelac. ✨Egg recipe. ✨Whole grains.
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Question: Hlo my baby is 10 month .. what kind of food i should give to him?
Answer: Hi dear, so you can start with sweet potatoes, potatoes, bananas, and apple. You can boil and mash these fruits properly before giving to your baby.Apart from this try to feed different porridge like Rice, Ragi, Moong or Roasted gram. You can give Khichdi, massed paneer , custard and yogurt. These are healthy and nutritious and help in putting on weight and strengthening the body from within.
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Question: What food i will give to my baby as sheis not gaining weight as she is before.... her teeth is coming nowadays
Answer: Hry dear while teething baby became crancky nd dont take food properly too thats why babies weight s does not gains ..so give homepathic medicine calcaria phos too its hekoful in teething nd try to convence ur baby wit love nd try to feed solids to baby times breast milk or formula milk nd 3 times solids as add fruits purees nd vegetable purres ,eggs, chicken and fish , 2 ounces water nd fruit juices ,cream cheese, cottage cheese or paneer, dahi or yoghurt, ghee, and butter can be given in very small quantities to your baby.cooked quinoa, millets, whole wheat pasta (softened), rice, and oatmeal are tasty options to give your baby,toast, small pieces of chapatti or flatbread, crackers give your baby her fill of grains.Mashed lentils, beans, and soups made from legumes are a great way to feed flavourful, yet nutritious food to baby.
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