4 months old baby

Question: My baby is not taking breast milk .i m giving him formula milk. Now my breast is engorged .its paining also .can anyone give me a good solution

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Answer: If you have stopped breastfeed properly then place cabbage leave on breasts it will help in stopping production of bm , massaging with olive oilwill also help, you can also warm compress, dip towel in Lukewarm water and place it on breasts , it will give you immense relief.
Answer: Just pump the milk out whenever you feel milk production so that you wont feel pain and gradually milk production gets reduced as baby was not drinking them
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Question: My breast milk is not sufficient for my baby so i started giving her formula milk through bottle but its been 2days shes not taking bottle also..m worried now ..what should i do ?
Answer: Hi. Try to increase your bm or try to feed your baby fm with spoon. For increasing breast milk add following in your diet 1. Shatavari powder with milk twice a day day. 2. Add methi in your diet in any form might it be Methi sabji, Methi with water, Methi laddu, methu pills etc. 3. lots of garlic and ghee in your diet your diet in your diet. 4. Drink lots of water at least 2 to 3 litre of water of water litre of water of water litre of water of water you can hacv ajwain water, in jeera water or Methi water whatever it is. 5.have masoor dal twice a day. 6. Dry roast jeera powder and mix it in rayta. 7.add daliya, oats in breakfast with milk ot salted as you like it. 8.add drynfruits in your diet too. 9. Have fruits or fruit juice. Milk production depends on demand and supply theory so try latching your baby as much as you can.
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Question: I m giving breast milk to my son can I give him formula milk too?
Answer: If you are having proper breast milk production then you need not to give your baby formula milk at all because there is nothing better than you Breast milk. your breast milk helps your baby develop its immune system which no other milk does so please feed your baby exclusively breastmilk unless baby 6 month old. .
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Question: As my baby also having formula milk along with breast milk.. so can I give him water now
Answer: Hello, please do not give water before the age of 6months. Breast milk and formula milk is more of water and is enough to quench the thirst. Hence the baby does not require it.
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