3 months old baby

Question: My baby is not sleeping well in day time....why

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Answer: Hello dear all babies are different and have their own sleeping pattern. Some sleep in day time and some sleep in night night. Now baby is 3 months old so he or she will play more and sleep less. As baby grow his or her sleeping time will reduce. You will see various changes in your baby sleep. Well you can try this simple and old tip. Give your baby gentle massage and give him or her a bath with normal water. Give baby a feed and try to make him or her sleep. Hope it work.
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Question: Hi my baby is not sleeping during day time. Why?
Answer: Daily mrng do her oil massage that will make her hungry nd also make tired. Feed her milk that time she will sleep nicely. Bath her before 12.00pm. Do lotion massage after bathing then feed ur baby. Samething do massage at evng with massage oil. Becoz baby sleeping at same position that will feel her body to be paining, so if u do massage with feeding she feels gud to sleep. When we does work, we will feel to sleepy, samething for baby also. Keep her always fresh, if u like clean up her with hot water by using cotton cloth at bed time nd do lotion massage.
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Question: Hi mam My baby 2months old. He is not sleeping well in day time. Remedy plz
Answer: Hii From 2 weeks to 2 months of age, they sleep on an average of 15.5-17 hours total, about 8.5-10 hours at night and six to seven hours during the day spread out over three to four naps. make sure to not let baby sleep in the evening and give a good massage and bath at night so that baby will feel comfortable. Make the room temp. Comfortable and soothing. Keep the atmosphere quite. Before trying to sleep baby do feed well. Make sure to play with baby before making sleep so that baby can sleep properly . Don't keep toys nearby baby sleeping area and avoid eye contact while making baby sleep.
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Question: My baby is 3 months now she is not sleeping well in the day time..... But sleeps in the night... Very well .. why it is like that?
Answer: From 3rd month on the sleeping pattern changes, they start sleeping at night for 4-5 hours at a stetch and hardly they wake up at night for 2-3 times that too for fweding alone, even d no of times they poop also decreases. They wakes up n sleeps on its own too givsom time fr bby n see..if bby seems hungry feed her. As in the last 2 months u got accustomed to wakeup n numbr of timess in night, good news ia from nw one can hav a cmfrtbl good nit sleep. Tc n enjoy d momnts..ntn to worry
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