9 months old baby

Question: My baby is not sleeping properly in night?

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Answer: Hi dear, There is no one thing to help baby sleep faster and better.it is gradual process that eventually help in better sleep routine. 1- make sure the baby is away from distractions prior to sleep.too much stimulation in firm of room lights,TV sounds,playing around would make baby restless and avoid sleeping 2- make him feed just right.overfeeding or underfeeding would again make baby uncomfortable and hungry.so donot overfeed too. 3- make him wear comfortable clothes depending upon the climate 4- giving a warm shower prior to sleep in night would also relax baby to sleep 5- day time naps are equally important.sime parents avoid putting babies to sleep.in day time thinking the baby might not sleep in night But it is the other way round.a well rested baby in day time would sleep better during night too.too tired babies would be fussy bad have difficulty in sleepy 6-keep the baby well active.day time activity levels could also decide the amount of sleep baby would get in night 7-keep a sleeping pattern.choose one particular time for sleep.his biological clock would adjust to that time for sleep 8- never make baby drink too.much fluid prior to 3 hours of sleep.excessive urination would disturb the sleep 9-Keep checking the diapers ,as overwet diapers,or pooped diapers would make baby real uncomfortable 10- give light food especially at night to avoid any gastric issues Moreover ,babies when meeting milestones would have troubled sleep.so have patience.
Answer: Hi dear it is very common for babies to not sleep properly at night or wake up in intervals are ask for breastfeed it etc. it is due to the changes that happen during this time and sometime it can also be associated with separation anxiety where in they feel that you are going away and they want to cling on to you for that reason also there might be some disturbed sleep however please do not worry it is a phase and it is going to go away very soon as and when the baby grows please breast feed the baby should the baby to make him sleep and you will be able to see a difference within a couple of weeks.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My beby not sleeping in night properly
Answer: Hello dear. For sleep u can try massaging the baby just before the sleep which has an amazing affect on the baby and massage followed by slight exercise makes the baby tired and they get a sound sleep. Massaging twice a day suggested for hyper active babies. Hope it helps.
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Question: my baby not sleeping in night time properly
Answer: Hi dear, Bachcho ko sone ki dikkat rehti hai.ye common hai.bachcha Raat Kai karno se uthta hai: 1: pure din me theek se na some se bhi bachche ko relax feel Nahi hota Raat ki sone me.isiliye bachche ki day time sleep Sahi Joni Chahiye 2:bachche ki room ki light wk dam din ya dark honi Chahiye,Nahi toh bachcha uthta rahega 3:Kisi bhi Tarah Ka distractions na ho site waqt.jaise koi awaz,aap logo ki baat chit 4:nappy Ka wet Hona 5:baby ke developments.jaise baby 6 months me baithna seekta hai Apne aap.aisi milestones se baby restless hone Lagta hai 6:teething.6 months se baby ke teething process shuru ho jate hai 7:separation anxiety Jo bachcho ko 6 months se hone lagti hai,jisse bachche dar se uth jate hai 8:illness ya infection jisse bachche ko takleef ho 9:bohat cold ya hot weather Hona 10: baby ko feeding Bootle ya breastfeeding ki adat Hona 11: bachche ko overfeed ya underfeed karwane sone se pehle Make sure bachche ko comfortable kapdo me sulaye.lukewarm Pani se sone se pehle nehlane se bachche ko neend achchi aati hai.baby uthta hai toh calmly sulaye.
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Question: My baby is not sleeping properly@ night she wakes soon
Answer: Make the room dark and sing some old sleeping songs for baby, and wake baby up in the day times more, before she wake up feed her in sleep
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Question: Hi my baby is not sleeping in night properly, he is sleeping less than an hour
Answer: Hi,keep the room dark and sing some old sleeping songs for baby, and wake baby up in the day times more, before she wake up feed her in sleep. don't worry does sleeping pattern of the baby keeps changing . you should also give a shower before sleeping this will help to show that the nerves of the baby and the help to put the baby to sound sleep
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