5 months old baby

Question: My baby is not sleeping properly in day time not even 2 hrs in whole day time.. what was the reason, but she is sleeping in night time..

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Answer: My baby is doing the same. Taking brief naps (about 15-20 mins).. But my baby is active & playful. But at night he sleeps 5-7hrs at a stretch.
Answer: Don't worry dear, my baby also doing like that only. Baby wants to see the surroundings and to play.
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Question: My baby is not sleeping day time and also night even though I feed him properly, what may be the reason
Answer: Dear generally new borns sleep about 8-9 hours in the day time and about 8 hours at night.but they may not sleep more than 1-2 hours at a time.but it varies from baby to baby and months to months also.because most of babies does not have much of a pattern to sleep schedule.take care of your baby
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Question: My baby is not sleeping properly at night time...only 2-3 hrs she is sleeping...plz help me to know how to sleep a baby
Answer: Hi dear as it's showing that baby is just few week so it will take few months for baby to start sleeping at night. So don't worry just breastfeed your baby frequently that's it...
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Question: My 18 days old baby not sleeping well at night she is not crying but not sleeping as well.. ?? Babys are generally sleeping 20-22hrs, my baby sleeps at day time but not properly in night... Is this normal??
Answer: Hey thats fine dear. It will take almost 6 months to and your for baby to set a sleeping habit. Swaddle baby after giving proper feed to get better sleep at night. Hope it helps.
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