15 months old baby

Question: My baby is not sleeping in the nighttime as well as day, so what should I do

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Answer: Hi dear, every baby sleeping schedule is different, If baby stomach is not full, he wakes up, if gas issues, cold cough is also disturb sleeping. Start your baby bedtime routine — first full her stomach, baby body massage, the bath  and the cuddles. Also be sure your baby is getting enough sleep during the day to make up for lost sleep at night (it’s even harder for an overtired baby to settle down at night). Keep in mind, too, that sleep regression is temporary. Once your baby acclimates to her new developmental abilities, sleeping patterns should return to baseline.
Answer: I do not worry because the baby is growing and it is becoming more active since the babies becoming more active the baby do not like to sleep more and to do more of physical activities when's the baby start doing more of physical activities the baby will get tired automatically and on its own the baby will start going to sleep so there is nothing to worry that the baby enjoy the day
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Question: My baby is 3month old. She is sleeping well in day. But she is not sleeping at night. What is the reason behind this? What should i do for her so she can sleep in night.
Answer: Hello dear Baby sleeping cycles are shorter than adults to establish sleeping pattern follow some rules like give ur baby a chance to nap frequently, teach ur baby the difference between day and night by doing light on and off. As a mother understand the signs that ur baby is tired. Make a bedtime routine for ur baby like getting ur baby change for bed and singing lullaby and giving him a goodnight kiss.
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Question: My baby is not sleeping at nighttime what should I do he is sleeping at daytime nice ly
Answer: I do not worry this is just a pattern of the baby which will keep changing I can understand you must be getting tired but try to keep the baby awake by playing with the baby don't worry the sleeping pattern of the baby will change slowly
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Question: My baby is not sleeping in nyt as well as day also wht should I do?
Answer: Give him hot massage mns use hot oil to massage ur baby it will help him....
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