2 months old baby

Question: My baby is not sleeping in day time..and in night he wake up every 2 hour...bt in day time he is sleeping only for 2-3 hours?? What should i do to make him sleep...

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Answer: Feed your child well. Your baby is hungry that is why it is not able to sleep . feed your child well a full tummy will make ypur baby automatically sleep .
Answer: His sleep cycle will get better by 3 months. Try to take small naps while he sleep
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Question: Not getting enough sleep...only sleep for night time 8 hours...wants to playing whole day..if sleeping that's only for 25-30 mins..what can i do??weight is 8kg..
Answer: Dear babies would have such sleep disturbances..please make sure baby is set in a good routine.. everything matters..baby room should.be well ventilated and noise free..,prior to sleep the lights needs to be dim..you can sing lullaby while putting baby to sleep..dnt over feed baby before sleep too..make baby wear a light ,breathable clothes..the room should not be too cold ,not too hot .sometimes in achieving developmental milestones,there is sleep disturbances too..so have patience.dnt stress out..it should be fine soon...
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Question: My 2 month baby is not sleeping at night what should I do to make her sleep during night
Answer: Hahahha.....do one make her habituate to any kind of thing that makes her sleepy......i used a song .....chandaniya chup jaana re lori lori song .....try it ...if it works ok....if not try another method dear like holding baby in ur arms and moving ........
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Question: I had a baby a day ago He sleeps all day as well as night and hardly wakes up 1 or 2 times.is it normal ? or I should wake him up to feed after some hours? first time mom so just worried and trying to learn because I feel he is sleeping too much and not eating anything.Thank you in advance
Answer: Dont worry it's normal.. Usually new born babies sleep more but dont leave them wake him and feed atleast for 1hr once
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