37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby is not in head down position at 37 weeks..is it leads to c-section orelse baby will move to head down position after 37 week..

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Answer: Hii..till u get labour pain at any time v can expct baby to head down position. . In many cases at the time of delivery pain baby automatically turns to cephalic and got fixed. .so no worries dear.. do walk regly and if ur gyno suggested any excercis do slowly. .slowly climb staircase
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Question: Iam 37 week pregnant...my baby is in breech position....how to move my baby's head in down position?
Answer: Hi dear now it is not possible to change ur baBy position . Bow ur doctor will advise u to go for c sec which will be safe for u n ur baby .
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Question: Can baby move its position to breech even if it was in head down position at 32th week scan report.
Answer: hi yes it is possible for the baby to turn the position then the baby starts moving down so then 36 weeks it is quite normal then the baby keeps changing the position
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Question: I'm at 38 weeks of my pregnancy.But my baby not yets turned head down. What to do? Does that leads to c section? Please help
Answer: I am afraid to say it dear but yes as same thing haplened with me and no matter how hard u try the baby doesn't change the position after 36 weeks. My gynae even induced me pains artificially but the baby was no way near the cervix so she had to operate. Hope it helps.
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Question: baby is in breech position in 32 week how to move in head down position
Answer: Hello dear in 32 week baby do strong and continue movements so chances are good that baby move in head down position. Do walk daily.
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