37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My baby is not in head down position at 37 weeks..is it leads to c-section orelse baby will move to head down position after 37 week..

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Answer: Hii..till u get labour pain at any time v can expct baby to head down position. . In many cases at the time of delivery pain baby automatically turns to cephalic and got fixed. .so no worries dear.. do walk regly and if ur gyno suggested any excercis do slowly. .slowly climb staircase
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Question: Hi, Am at my 32 week, when will the baby move to head down position?
Answer: Hello dear.. baby moves into the head down position around 34-36 weeks of pregnancy dear...
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Question: My baby is in head down position !will it change the position further???
Answer: Dear most babies get into head down position between 33 and 36 weeks.typically, at term once a baby is head down and low enough space to turn ,they will stay and fix in the pelvis.so do not worry, everything will be fine.all the best for your delivery.
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Question: Am already 37 week pregnant my baby head is still not fixed means it is not in head down position. Please let me know what to do
Answer: Hello dear...don't worry u cn do some exercise such as kegal, low floor exercise, butterfly n most important squats...always be active n do ur household work by self just like mopping etc
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