1 months old baby

Question: My baby is not feeding a breastmilk

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Answer: New borns take time to drink milk. Often times a baby will be extremely sleepy after birth and not interested in the breast, or the baby will latch on to the breast and not suck at all. There are many other reasons that why baby is not breastfeeding --- C section babies are often very sleepy. After normal birth with long and difficult labour baby is quite exhausted and need to rest a bit first. Any pain medications that were given during labour are likely to make baby sleepy. Premature birth. Separation from mother. Some tips to breastfeed--- Keep your baby near to you ( skin to skin contact). It is best solution to breast feed. Hold your breast and close to baby give your nipple in baby's mouth. Try this 2 to 4 times baby will try to suck. Rub your nipples on baby's cheeks. If these tips will not help then take help from lactation consultation.
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Question: Mg baby is crying a lot while feeding i think my breastmilk is not enough for him .?
Answer: No , its very low weight in 8 month it should at least increase to 2 kg and more try to include foods with more calcium ..vitamins..protiens like leafy vegetables , fruits, juice etc
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Question: My 4month old baby not interested in feeding breastmilk
Answer: Hiif the baby dissent like to latch then express your milk and try to feed they spoon or feeder.but BM is very imp till 6 months.it helps the baby to grow well and also helps to build his immunity.
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Question: My 3month baby feeding breastmilk but stomach not to be fulled? How to know breastmilk is enough for him?
Answer: If he sleeps after feeding....and not crying....and playing well....it's sign of his feeding is well...and passing urine more times
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Question: I'm a breast feeding mom, my Breastmilk was so thick. This milk is good for 2 months baby or not
Answer: Bm is very good for baby however it is
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