14 months old baby

Question: My baby is not eating properly. One or two spoons he eats that's all n he never opens his mouth. I give him different dishes too.

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Answer: Aap baby ko uske favv toy de sakte ho or mera baby jb nahi khata h tb me uske jaha me roj khana khilati us jagah se alag dusre kamre me le jati hu or dusre saman like colors shit water colore la ke de deti hu wo busy ho jata he or khane lagta h ya khichen se kuch bartan use de deti hu or wo khelte khelte kha leta h.
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Question: My kid is 18mnoth old...he is not eating anything... i have tried different receipes also for him...he is keeping all his food in his mouth..
Answer: Hello Your baby s cranky cos he s hungry at his age breast or formula milk is not enough they need more. You have to start feeding him solid food try taking him out to a park get him to play and eat. Try playing his favorite cartoon or rhyme distract ur baby n start feeding it is difficult but I m sure u ll be successful eventually. U should avoid giving too much of millk or snacks to ur baby as sometimes ur baby is always full so they don't feel like eating much. Fix a time table so u ll be able to kno how much ur baby s eating n how u can get him to eat more and it will be easy for u to plan the activities to distract n feed ur baby. .
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Question: My baby is 8m old almost nearing to 9m old, she's not eating anything properly since a week she eats two sons and never opens her mouth and cries a lot! Dunno what to do, suggestions please
Answer: Hello, That's the main problem,babies are showing their tantrums and all.u should do lots of work on it like,let play ur baby lot all babies do drama to eat food.Some points that we need to keep in mind.Big task have patience.Try new food always and try to present food in new way like your baby's favourite cartoon or some funny face or in smilies. Always give well cooked food and fresh food. At this stage baby needs 4 to 5 meals ( fruits, milk and snacks included).If your baby is fussy eater then take help of rhymes, music and busy him or her in some activity and make him or her feed food items eggs, potato, sweet potato, ghee, boiled potato these foods are contain high calories and help to increase weight except them you can give everything which you cook in your kitchen.
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Question: my baby is not eating anything properly he is throwing again and again from his mouth
Answer: make sure what he is willing to eat. and while eating make ur baby comfort. so that he does not hesitate. like showing toys nd playing peekaboo. sometimes baby's dont eat coz they feel like not eating. nd dont worry babies automatically eat after few days bcoz they dont starve themselves. when they are hungry they'll eat definitely
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Question: My bady is not eating properly before he used to eat, but he is not at all eating he is drinking milk and some juice that's all
Answer: Hi dear, Most of the parents have this issue,that their babies are not eating enough.but honestly I would like to suggest you that stop worrying much at this stage.your baby is still growing and exploring lot of things around,including food.if your baby is active,healthy then donot worry.if she is little underweight also,donot worry,as long as she is meeting her milestones.intriducing variety of foods little little would encourage baby to taste.try making the meal time fun.sometimes we mothers are so busy in feeding ,that babies great bored.sing rhymes,and make it more fun.offer less food at a time.no matter if the baby has eaten just one spoon in lunch.baby wood eat more in breakfast,so donot stress.force feeding is never recommended.it would.never let baby understand what natural appetite means.and lead to obesity in adulthood.never show TV or mobile while feeding.force feeding would also stress your baby and could backfire by vomiting out.avoif giving junk foods like chips,biscuits,too much milk,chocolates etc.they kill the appetite.give fresh home cooked food...
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