2 months old baby

Question: My baby is not drinking my milk properly..... she is not drinking more than 5 minutes also.....crying while sucking

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Answer: There may be two main reasons, first make sure whether your milk supply is enough or not and also touch baby's tummy and see if it is tight , if yes then baby is having colic pain so you should apply Hing paste around your baby's navel area. Also massage her tummy daily with Lukewarm mustard oil and make her do cycling exercise.
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Question: My baby not drinking milk properly while sleeping also she is not sucking properly
Answer: Dear you should not breastfeed the baby while sleeping. Please sit properly and take the abbybin upright position in ur lap and then breastfeed. This is the ideal position for breastfeeding. If baby doesn't take the feed in this position the the reason could be he is teething or not well. Do not worry as any of these situation is not permanent and eventualpy due to hunger babies take the feed. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby not drinking milk while awake, on sleeping also she is not sucking properly
Answer: Same here my baby also...... her weight is also not normal... only 6kg.700gm
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Question: My baby always want to suck her fingers not interested to drink milk.when she is drinking milk also not more than 5 minutes.
Answer: This is normal.. Grab her hand gentle but tight enough that she don't pull back.. And feed her.. She might cry that she is not allowed to do what she want.. But she will agree as she has no other choice but to drink milk.. Try It..
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