5 months old baby

Question: My baby is not chubby..weight wise he is ok.. bt not chubby... what should i give him to make him chubby...??? Please suggest

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Answer: Till 6 month you give only bm or FM after 6 month you can introduce many things like suji kheer with formula milk, Boiled mix veg mash with rice and make semi solid food Boil carrot and rice paste Mash banana with 2 spoon milk Cooked apple paste with milk More important thing please maintain salty and sweet foods balance
Answer: Hi dear every baby can't be same so don't worry. Do feed ur baby with breastmilk. If baby weight is ok then all fine
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Question: my baby is not chubby or dont look fat ..what can i give him to make him fat. he hav collic issie
Answer: Hi! Colici issues are normal in babies and it sometime takes time to subside and we all want healthy babies that may not be a necessary chubby but healthy baby is what we all pray for so if your baby is not chubby or not fat please don't get depressed about it becz healthy babies come in all sizes you have not mentioned the weight of the baby and the birth weight also so just for your information that if the baby has doubled the birth weight at the six months of babies age baby is active pee and Poop count is good then there is nothing to be worried about the weight and also you can include sweet potato pumpkin rice ghee etc. in your baby's diet these are all healthy fats and will be good for the baby .. Hope this helps!
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Question: My baby is gaining weight but he is not chubby. How to help make him chubby
Answer: Hi dear weight is just a number and babies looking chubby might look beauty but not all the baby who looks study on healthy so please do more concentrate on your baby's health because it is very important for babies growth and development only breast milk can help baby to gain more weight and also it develops immune system of the child as a feeding mother you should take more healthy and nutritious food take more vegetables Green leaves which makes babies grow stronger and also take dry fruits meat fish often
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Question: Hii... my baby is 5 month old..his weight is 7 kgs.. which is ok.. but he looks slim.. he is not chubby... what should i do to make him chubby
Answer: No problem chubby is not a matter if he is having enough weight and he is healthy
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