1 months old baby

Question: My baby is not burping properly!! Ie not after every feed M giving him formula milk Plz suggest what should i do...to make hom burp... i tried every possible way...but no burping

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Answer: After every feed take him on to ur shoulder and slowly rub at his back for max 20min..still he is not burping it is ok let him sleep.. Most often they will not burp while sleeping
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    titli Sen889 days ago

    Thanks buddy

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Question: My baby girl is 56 days old.. She is not burping properly. She is on both breast milk and formula. Every time after feeding it takes hours to make her burp.. Is there any way to make her burp
Answer: Hi dear, see its not a problem at all. Some babies don't burp like my nephew he never burped no matter how long you carry him on shoulder n I have seen many such babies too. But don't forget to burp after every feed. According to lactation consultant 20 min burp n 20 min feed is needed. Make your baby sleep on your shoulder and make sure your baby's tummy is got slightly prssed on your shoulder and pat on his back slowly for 5-10times.
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Question: At night time after i feed my baby is not burping...how to make hom burp
Answer: Hi dear. Try to keep the baby on ur shoulder for some time.. As the baby goes to deep sleep, they won't burp.. try to make the baby sit on ur lap with back support and tap the back gently.. If the baby burp or not try to keep the baby on shoulder for at least 10-15min..
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Question: Everytime i feed my baby i tried burping him, but i cannot make hi burp. Is it dangerous not being able to burp him
Answer: Hold baby close to your chest tap on his diaper pine for 3 to 4 mints he will burp, if baby doesnt burp it will form gastric indigestion and sometime baby may vomit
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