6 months old baby

Question: my baby is not accepting cow's milk. wot if she is still having BM n other weaning food

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Answer: Plz don't give her cow milk till 1 year. Give her formula milk if req. Other wise bm and other food
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Question: how to introduce cow's milk to baby.. my baby has been on breast milk till now, and is not accepting any other milk
Answer: babies take time to get used to change you have to make them develop the taste start to give little bit maybe in a spoon or an open glass so that the baby can joyfully enjoy two or three sips and gradually start to increase the amount.
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Question: My baby is 20months and she is still not having cow's milk. She still have NANPRo
Answer: that's really good dear. we should avoid as much possible till 24 months. after that start cow milk. there is nothing to worry even baby is doing wonderful.
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Question: My baby is not having other food than bm
Answer: Hi..try to reduce feed time slowly & replace with meals..be patient & include some games or story while trying to make your baby eat
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