Question: my baby is 10months motions$vamtings

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Answer: hello dear these are diarrhea symptom plz consult with pedestrian.
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Question: My daughter suffering from vamtings and motions very ceverlry
Answer: Hi dear this may be due to any infection so no need to worry you can cure this with the homemade medicines when she have cold she might vomit or if she has and digestion problem she will vomit make sure if she has fallen anything because she is a 16 month baby there is no possibility of eating anything
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Question: I am having vamtings and motions in starting of 9th month pregnancy
Answer: Hi as vomiting is common during pregnancy and it is due to increased blood flow and hormonal changes during pregnancy and loose motion might be due to indigestion have plenty of fluids which helps and have small meals at regular intervals which helps take care
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Question: My abdominal is paining and headache and vamtings and light motions my period date is 12 october.what I do
Answer: Hello dear, these all symptoms are indicating chances of pregnancy but doesn't confirm it. Wait for your next period, if it doesn't come then after 7-10 days of missed period take pregnency test to confirm . Hope it helps .
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