21 months old baby

Question: My baby is 20 months wat shud I give her for eating as she is not eating any food

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Answer: Hello! Encourage your baby to touch the food, but don’t force. Be silly and keep it light.  Demonstrate. If they refuse, try and try again. In fact, at every single meal, put a dollop of that food on their tray or even in a bowl that they can play with and touch. If they won’t touch after a few attempts, offer a spoon for them to stick into the food too. Once your child touches the solid food, you’re on your way! Allow them to touch, spread, and put it all over the tray and themselves.  This is wonderful for their sensory processing and will make a huge difference in helping them get used to the texture of solids. If they get upset once they’ve touched the food, or that they are now all messy, be very calm and reassuring. Have a wet washcloth ready and quickly wipe them down.  And, if this is how they respond, it’s a sign that you need to practice playing with these foods a lot! The more they touch and interact with the food the closer they’ll be to eating it
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Question: My baby is 6 month 20 days n she is not eating food... Wat to do
Answer: Dear baby is very small so dint force baby at all. Just give small proportion . Like 3-4spoons but offer frequently. Give mashed fruits to baby. Aby loves the texture of it. You can also give liquid diet like rice water, daal water baby drink it easily..
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Question: My baby is not eating..she refuse any food i give her..what should i do..?
Answer: Hi dear, You would need to observe any change in your baby recently.if baby is having any kind of illness like cold ,fever or stomach upset.it could take minimum ,two weeks to get back the appetite after illness.fussy eating is common in babies.so donot force feed.let them.knowbtheir own appetite and eat accordingly.donot show mobile or TV to feed.you can try giving finger foods to baby.make food into bits and pieces and try him eat on its own.i know it would get messy but it's worth.baby would develop Interest.try something to else,with variation in food.if you have been giving only rice then try idli,dosa or roti for some days.they get bored of same type of food.sing rhymes,tell stories while feeding.it should be a phase and should pass donot worry.
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Question: My baby is 6 months 20 days she not eating cerlac can you suggest some food for her
Answer: Hello my baby is 7 months old .. from 6 months he eat everything I give to him ..... I start with cerelac (rice) ......if ur baby is not interested in cerelac give daal water , boil potato properly mash it and mix it with milk if required put pinch of salt or honey according to taste of ur baby ...... Make banana shake ( thin ) which is easily eat by baby......or u can give sujji kheer to ur baby.... mashed apples are also very good .....
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