3 months old baby

Question: My baby is 3 months. She has developed a good sleeping pattern by now as she sleeps all night and she asks for milk at around 6 am thn 8 am and 10:30 am daily. The problem is at the last session at around 10:30 the breasts were not filled with milk. What to do..? And in how much time breast refills the milk.? By the way I'm going breastfeeding and formula both.

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Answer: You should eat after feeding at 8 am. Every time baby have milk the milk get generated. So I don't think so this is the problem. As your feed your baby you should also have food to get milk.
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Question: I have stopped breastfeeding my child so at 10:30 i give her small glass of milk. After that she sleeps. Does she not feel hungry at night
Answer: Hi! Does she wake up in the night? If not she is not hungry, babies do not rather can not regulate their hunger like adults, hence if they are hugry they will get up and ask for food the way Breastfed babies look for breasts. Hence please notice your baby's hunger cues. Good luck!
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Question: My daughter takes feed only prior sleeping in noon and thn before sleeping at night at 11.30 ..she thn feeds on morning 5 and thn 7 ... Thn she get up by 9.30 or 10 n take some... She yet not drink milk in glass herself.. How shd weaning b syarted..i feel she yet not ready as she asks for feed n cries if not given. Applied neem oil thn too she drank.. M ay b i m weong but shd weaning b done or feeding shd b continued? If yes?? How to do weaning in this case
Answer: Ideally weaning for any normal child without any complications should start at 6 months. Introducing new elements/ ingredients to the diet along with breast milk..For example if you are started with cow milk ; add 1:3 ; one part of cow milk along with 3 part of expressed breast milk. First give only small quantities to check for baby's tolerance level ( some babies are glucose intolerant, this helps to find out ). Check for baby's response to this feed whether baby is crying or any other signs of uneasiness shown by the baby. Then other things which can be given are fruit and vegetables juices , rice water ( kanji), First liquid then slowly and steadily shift to semi solid and then solid. ( normal diet) By 2 years your baby's weaning should have been completed. It's never too late. My first pregnancy was preterm twins with low birth weight but I started weaning them by 4 months itself by the end of 6 months they were so healthy and plump that I would find it hard to lift both of them for more than 5 minutes. Every baby is different and responds differently so don't worry just be positive.
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Question: 2 days onwards my baby not sleeping daytime at least 2hrs also..again She sleeps night 10:30..What is the reason
Answer: Hello! As the babies grow the total amount of sleep they take does reduce. If the baby is taking proper sleep at night, and after day sleep total coming to 12-14 hours then there is nothing to worry about. Take care
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