4 months old baby

Question: My baby is 4 months old, when it will cure (how many days want to cure)

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Answer: Hello dear. What exactly is not cured please mention clearly.
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Question: Tufpro for baby's motions when it cure ? Within how many days it will cure for baby
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 4 months old dear u can give medicine 5 days nd again consult to pediatrician if he ask for continue then continoue otherwise stop it .genrally in 5 6 days baby ll be ok. by this medicine try it give bf after 2 2 hours nd if u r giving botyle then stop it
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Question: How many days want to cure the fungal infaction
Answer: Hello dear. It depends on the medication and the kind of infection it is. As you have mentioned the entire details it would be hard to tell. But make sure to use home remedies like neem leave boiled water and lots of sun exposure to get rid of fungal infection faster. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi, my baby got cold & cough. He is one month old. Pls suggest how to cure and within how many days it will go??
Answer: Hello! Cold is common during this season. If the cold stays more than 15 days then consult the doctor. Try these tips to cure the cold. 1. Put 2-3 drops of breastmilk in each nostril. This helps a lot. 2.Boil few cloves of garlic into mustard oil and apply it externally on your baby’s neck, chest, back, under feet and palms. 3. Dry roast ajwain on a tava or pan. Put the ajwain in a cotton cloth and make a potli of it. Gently rub it on the baby’s chest, back, under feet and palms. 4. Put saline drops in each nostril of your baby as this would help to clear the nose. Nasal saline drops loosen up mucus. Use of saline drops makes feeding easier for your baby. Just elevate your baby’s head while putting in the drops, otherwise, the liquid will flow out. 5.Give light steam to your baby, keep your baby in your lap and keep steamer near you. This way, your baby will get the sufficient steam. Continue it for about 10 to 15 minutes. Avoid keeping your baby close to the hot steam water as it could harm your little one. You can keep steamer near your bed and turn your baby’s face towards it. You can also use bathroom as the steam room, turn on hot water tap or shower and let the door remain closed. Sit in the bathroom along with your baby for 10-15 minutes. Your baby will get sufficient steam. If your child doesn’t like steam then you can use room humidifier or vaporizer in its sleeping area. It will help to keep room moist. Take care
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Question: My baby is having jaundice...dctr prescribed live.52..plz tell in how many days will it take to cure..
Answer: Hi! Bilirubin high is neonatal jaundice which is very common in infants, because baby's liver is not matured enough to get rid of bilirubin from the bloodstream. Cures available: Plenty of Breastmilk. Exposure to sunlight Exposure to blue led light (phototherapy) if Doctor suggests. Diet for new mother - have plenty of fluids, calcium and protein rich diet- milk, green vegetables, energy foods like dal (drink 2 bowls of dal in each meal), healing goods like ghee, haldi etc. Last but not the least- the following 3 ingredients in diet- increase breast milk production - ajwain, jeera and garlic- so increase that in your food. Dont worry baby will be fine soon, my prayers for speedy recovery.
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